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Well, the only reliable scrolling method is to modify the value of the vertical scroll bar. (QTextEdit inherits a scroll() method but when I tried to use it some very strange things happened.The 20-pixel extra is to make sure that even at a minimum squeeze, there will be some margin around the label text.

So the null string is the appropriate default for the settings.value() calls.[ Thread Index | Date Index | More Archives] To: [email protected]; Subject: [qet] qet/qet: [4922] Improve some widget and layout.I put in code to display the QSizeHint from each after the layout was complete.OK, so it looks as if anyone who runs PPQT on Lion is going to be disappointed to say the least, because it will segfault the first time they try to open a file.

I did it by setting the Text Block Format of the current line.There are four QLineEdits, one for the string to find, the others replace strings, and for each line-edit there is a recall button that pops up a menu showing the last ten strings the user entered into that line-edit.I just want to know the width of the label-text of the button, at run-time, after the locale has selected for the language.*Dec 14 15:42:34.615: %CLEANAIR-6-STATE: Slot 0 disabled *Dec 14 15:42:34.615:. ldapcertdb_loc location object exists update location object temp exists.

Yesterday I struggled with the problem of how to direct the clicked() signal of a QPushButton.Categories. Baby & children Computers & electronics Entertainment & hobby.First, what is the default if there is no entry in the settings.Every player has the opportunity to win a progressive > headunit-0.3.rar > DirectShowMediaPlayer.cpp, change:2004-09-22,size:11153b.

So, after reviewing the existing (and pretty much working) code, I tackled the job of bringing the UI initialization into my own module.That was the key realization: that you link a layout object to a visible frame by making the frame its parent.This does not explain to me why the current value of j is not also substituted when I write it this way.For each spin, players can get the winnings of up to 10,000 credits.

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Overview Header Cpp. Perform geocoding and reverse geocoding using a locator created from a locator file (a.loc file) stored locally. To geocode using the sample.LocationDialog.cpp LocationDialog.cpp; skipping to change at line 48 skipping to change at line 48: #include <QDebug> #include <QDebug> #include <QFrame>.And a static type-checker is helpless if the argument value is not a literal—a function return, or simply the result of an expression.The only difference is an absence of the real betting function.

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What happens instead is that every user-button clicked passes 23, the last-defined value of j in that loop.About 6 years and 8 months ago. Many changes to UI and bug fixes.These are laid out as two pairs, First and Next, space, Prior and Last, in a row with a QHBoxLayout.Default parameter values are evaluated when the function definition is executed.But there are two major shortcomings to such a pre-processor.