The hummingbird itself can be altered in a few different ways: short or long tail feathers, wings outstretched or tucked in long or short beak.

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Hummingbirds live in the Americas—as far north as Alaska and as far south as Chile—and have been portrayed in Native American legends, literature, folklore, and mythology, where they are often used as a symbol of love.

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Click thumbnail to view full-size Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source.Always say hello to them every time a hummingbird comes by they r few n far between here in Albuquerque, NM, so when i see them is just smile. my next tat will b 3 D hummingbird bright n colorful.Tumblr. Pinterest. Google+. but still wanted to be resuscitated — the tattoo was the result of a lost poker bet. And removing a tattoo isn’t easy — it can.The meanings behind the hummingbird tattoo are very symbolic, representing many positive attributes.

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Click thumbnail to view full-size Source Source Source Source Source Source.These last four years I have suffered from a systemic auto-immune disease that has scarred me pysically and even to my soul.Designs and Meanings Bird tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and the hummingbird is one of the most popular of all.

Yes, it does represent going through hard times, but it stands for surpassing them.From elbow to wrist, explore the top 100 best forearm sleeve tattoo designs for men. Discover cool manly ink ideas from traditional to realistic.For larger designs, the back, shoulders, lower back, sides, and upper back work well.

In this article, we will discuss their meanings and various designs.I do not know if any of your hubs have received HOTD, but they certainly should.How could I not love your beautiful poetry:) Thanks for the vote and share Lisa, have a great day:).100+ World’s Best Tattoo Designs. Discover the best and inspiring tattoo art designs from artists all over the world. We have selected few of the master pieces of.30 Cool Spade Tattoo Designs. Though the spade in general is not such a mainstream choice for designs in tattoo, it has its own followers and fans.

Naked Maori boys bathing Contributor Names Jackson, William Henry, 1843-1942, photographer. wtc 4a03159 // Inspiration, Ricki Hall, Tattoo Ideas, Tattoo Designs, Design Tattoos, Beard Tattoo, Tattoo Ink, Male Tattoo, Poker Tattoo.Alo Loco, Poker tattoo. #blackandgrey #tattooartist #blackandgreytattoo #sleevetattoo #portrait #texasholdem #tattooaddict #tattoomadeinitaly #.

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Although the hummingbird is often associated with attraction and affection, it is a lone traveler.

The Aztecs believed dead warriors were reincarnated as hummingbirds.

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And I never realised that the hummingbird was so popular tattoo.The hummingbird is often inked with flowers, for it could not survive without flowers and flowers could not survive without the hummingbird.

Hummingbirds are independent birds that spend most of their time alone.It can represent someone that lives life to the fullest and loves life and every breath.

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Tattoo Filter is a tattoo community, tattoo gallery and International tattoo artist, studio and event directory.Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, (1940) by Frida Kahlo.As far as body location of such tattoos, it really depends on the size.

It can fly in all directions, even backward and upside down, up to 25 miles per hour, and then stop on a dime.Beautiful tattoo designs like this are sure to draw attention, just as the hummingbird does in real life.